Stimulating Learning by Sensory Play

August 17, 2018


What is Sensory Play?


Children are curious by nature as they explore and try to understand their environment. Sensory play are activities which stimulates children’s 5 senses; hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. It is a significant part in children’s development and learning as, it gives them the opportunity to improve their fine motor skills, promotes social interaction and supports language development.

Sensory play activities


Sensory play can be fun and easy to set up without the fuss and mess! By using things that you already have in the house, you can create many fun activities which will keep them occupied for hours!


  • Pasta Play

With just a colander and spaghetti, it will keep your child busy as they try to put the noodles through the holes. They activity promotes basic motor skills and concentration.


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  • Colour Themed Sensory Tub

A colour sorting sensory tub for learning colours! Simply gather objects of the same colour with different shades and mix them in the tub. A big tub that can allow your child to play in would be great so that they can immerse themselves in the play! Include coloured sand, shredded papers and dyed rice so that they can explore the different textures!


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Pour some milk onto a tray and add drops of different food colourings. With a small bowl of detergent, dip an ice cream stick in the detergent then onto the tray of milk with colourings. Watch as the magic happens to create a colourful canvas!


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Sensory play is an important component not only for babies and toddlers, but also for pre-schoolers and elementary children. By targeting the play to your child’s needs and interests, they can make use of multiple senses to complete the activity thus learning from the experience and at the same time have loads of fun!

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